On Saturday afternoon 5.11.16 What started as a fun afternoon with our dogs quickly turned to hell when our beautiful boy bobby drowned while enjoying a swim in our dam at home. It all happened so quick I just can’t make sense of it all 1 minute he was swimming around next he was under and not coming back up we just couldn’t get to him quick enough, by the time we did it was too late. We attempted cpr to no avail he was gone. It still doesn’t feel real, keep thinking it must have been a bad dream, waking up every morning thinking I am going to see his beautiful face to be gutted all over again ? absolutely heartbroken. Below are some words for bobby x

I knew you were special from the moment you were born, from the moment you first stepped into the ring at just over 3mths old you proved you were a star winning runner-up baby in show at the QLD gundog specialty, you continued to grow and develop into a beautiful young dog winning a couple of baby in groups along the way and by 6mths & 2 days old you had won your first best of breed, runner up in group, and Minor in Show. The day before you were taken from us you won what would be your last Minor in Show.
But show wins aside, you were just a great dog Bobby, you always made me smile and you always made me laugh, I loved the way you just made each and everyday fun. I wish we had more time together.
They say only the good die young but I wish that didn’t have to be true for you my dear Bobby. You were here for such a short time but made such an impact and our bond was oh so strong.
You were far too special for this world. Rest easy baby boy. I am sure you will shine as brightly up there as you did here on earth xx